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I am your typical ABC (Australian-born Chinese). Or maybe not......

With an East Timorese mother and Cantonese (Hong Kong) father who migrated to Australia in the early 80s, I was born & raised in a multi-lingual and multicultural environment of Melbourne. My parents brought me up to always give things a go, try different pursuits to see where I could find my passions, which included tennis, soccer, Chinese Kung-fu, taekwondo, Scouts and the piano. And of course, like most other first generation Chinese Australians, I had to endure the early years of painful Saturday morning Chinese school (which didn't end up getting too far in the high school years!)

Being a lover of all things international, I've always surrounded myself with people of all backgrounds and race. I am a pretty strong introvert, which can sometimes confuse a lot of people as they think it doesn't correspond with my outgoing nature. I always have to remind them that personality and character are two different things; as you can't choose your personality type, but you can change and develop the nature of your character. Plus, who says introverts can't be party-animals! It usually means I'm more worn out than the average bear afterwards and require a lot more solitude to bring my energy levels back up!

I love Italian & Mediterranean food. I'd happily label myself an "honorary Greek"; with the amount of Greek friends I have, the big-fat-Greek parties I've attended, the reasonably basic Greek sentences that I can say and the amount of gyros/souvlakis I've happily devoured​​. I can speak a pretty mean German without the annoying Aussie accent and weirdly enough, it's better than my Mandarin Chinese (which I speak at home!).

Living in Germany has turned me into a sausage snob; having been to Berlin, Florence, Paris & NYC has made me a Museum & Art Gallery snob; and working in the Caribbean has made me a beach snob. 

Fortunately I'm not a coffee snob. I actually don't even like coffee! And whilst we're at it, let's get this out of the way: I don't drink alcohol too.

​Purely because I don't like the taste.

​​Ok, I've said enough......​​​​

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