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Jeremy was born in Melbourne, Australia and lived most of his life in this city. He began playing the piano at a young age in the classical stream, regularly performing in concerts throughout his elementary school years. An independent passion for music developed in his early high school years, where his piano pursuits changed from being "something that his parents wanted him to do" to something he really wanted to do. Being classically trained, this foundation helped him excel in his exploration of other styles of music such as pop, rock, jazz, blues etc.

With a zest of new-found passion in music, he also began exploring other instrumental pursuits, which lead to him picking up clarinet & violin lessons in high school, as well as teaching himself the guitar & drums (to balance out the "Inner-Band-geek" with "Cool Garage-Rockstar"). Soon, music saturated his teenage life. He recalls the height of his high-school years. 
"Monday lunchtimes was Symphonic Orchestra rehearsal, Tuesday Concert Band, Wednesday Woodwind Ensemble, Thursday Strings Ensemble, and Friday Vocal Ensemble. Morning recess breaks were taken up with smaller casual ensemble/bands that I was involved with on the side, or just chilling out with my music teachers. My friends started complaining that they never saw me!"

From symphony orchestra to rock & metal, Jeremy was expanding his musical horizons at a fast pace. Finishing all the classical grades of piano in his mid-teens, Jeremy then began writing his own songs fuelled by "teenage angst/heartbreak", new inspiration and his new-found faith in God. Outside of school he was also involved in a local community orchestra (piano, clarinet & violin), a regional concert band (clarinet) and his local church worship band (keys, vocals & drums). 

Following on from high school was 6 years devoted to full-time Architectural studies and work; however his passion for music never wavered. Jeremy made sure it was always in the fabric of his Life; the
"Soul of Serenity" to the "Stress of Studies", as he would call it. He joined the university Concert Band (clarinet) and became the Praise & Worship Co-Ordinator (Keys & Vocals) for his university ministry organization/club. He also developed a passion for Acapella vocal harmony during these years and started up an official "Barbershop" Acapella group, performing at conferences, camps, and other events. He also joined the Southern Stars Stage Band (Piano), developing an adept appreciation for the classic jazz & swing standards. ​​It was also during these university years where his design and photography skills began to develop and flourish

Even when travelling over to Germany in 2009-10 to study on exchange , Jeremy never slowed down in his music. He soon joined a Blues Band on Piano/Keys, collaborated with his German language teacher (Vocalist) to form an Edith Piaf Tribute Duo, joined the local Church Worship band (Piano & Vocals) over there and also took on the role of Worship Director for their Young Adults Ministry group. He even had the pleasure of playing at a private function together with acclaimed Jazz musician and Vibraphonist virtuoso Benjamin "Pops" Wilson. One of his proudest and most notable achievements was when he helped organize a concert at the Stuttgart University Campus, which featured local and international student artists. It brought together students & friends from local and international circles, for a one night conglomeration and celebration of German and International talent. It was something that the University had never been able to successfully do. 

Alongside his university years, Jeremy took on many part-time jobs to maintain an income; from coaching tennis & soccer at the local Private school, teaching piano privately, working as a piano accompanist, to working for the Melbourne Olympic Parks major concert & sporting events venue. Having done mostly unpaid/voluntary gigs early on, Jeremy soon began doing paid gigs, starting off with solo work for private functions, then began to set-up a cocktail events jazz band that would eventually evolve into Willow Jam Jazz Band (www.willowjamjazz.com). He also began doing freelance graphic design work for local artists and community groups; and started to invest in his photography, doing unpaid, voluntary shoots at functions, weddings and other events. ​​And that's when in 2009, Jamsta Productions was born!

In 2010 Jeremy graduated from the University of Melbourne with a Master of Architecture and began working full-time in the architecture industry. This new lifestyle soon began to restrict his opportunities for doing gigs and invest in his musical pursuits. After working for over a year he decided to put his architectural profession to the side and invest, for the first time, into music on a full-time basis. Not knowing where to start, he began looking online and submitting his profile & resume to numerous entertainment agencies. Whilst it gave him some work, it was never a guaranteed steady job; until he stumbled across the Cruise-line industry and realised that it was a feasible option to get paid to work full-time as a musician onboard. 

After applying to numerous Cruise-lines and Agencies in the industry, facing many initial knock-backs and unsuccessful applications, Jeremy received his big break when he was offered his first contract job with Carnival Cruise-lines. This would see him travel over to USA, onto the Carnival Fantasy and later onto the Carnival Glory, journeying around the Gulf of Mexico, Bahamas & Caribbean Islands. ​​Jeremy would like to thank Bart, Lesley and the rest of the team at Suman Entertainment Group (North Miami, FL) for all their assistance, advice and help on getting this contract.

During the time on this first contract, Jeremy continued to find part-time work in his graphic design and photography. He found himself commissioned doing promotional work for the professional comedians onboard, designing brochures, CD covers, logos, posters and photography. In addition, his photography work began to increase, as cast members (Singers & Dancers) engaged him to take promotional head shots for their portfolio. His photography around the ship caught the eye of the Cruise Director, who encouraged him to take this line of work more seriously. 

Coming home from the first contract, Jeremy continued to invest in his photography and landed his first wedding shoot; which snowballed to getting him more jobs for couples, pre-wedding shoots, individuals, families and new-born babies. His Portfolio was expanding at a fast pace. Furthermore, he continues to get commissioned design work, as well as music work to keep him busy and occupied whilst he is back home in Australia on his "break". He also continues to manage and co-direct the Willow Jam Jazz band.

Jeremy gives all thanks and praises to God for blessing him with the passions that he has; for bestowing such loving parents and supportive circle of family & friends around him. Without them, he wouldn't be doing what he's doing right now.​​​​