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Presenting “Destination Unknown” Magic show featuring Las Vegas’ own Jason Byrne and the Carnival Magic Entertainment cast!! Jamsta Photography had the extreme honour & privilege of shooting this spectacular show in late 2013, which is normally prohibited by international copyright law to record in any way. I would like to acknowledge and thank Kevin & Caruso Entertainment and Kerry Stables at CCL Entertainment for allowing me to show my work to the public; but most of all to the outstanding magician Jason Byrne and the incomparable cast of Magic 2013-14 for putting on such a dazzling show and performance each time!

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"Without a doubt Jam seized plenty of amazing and wonderful live action moments. That certainly took patience and skill! I do believe he has that certain eye that knows when and where to capture that magical freeze frame. Many thanks for your being there and being so gracious with your talent!"
​- Jason