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Jeremy has devoted the past 8-9 years working with youth and young people in support & mentorship roles. From 2004-2007 he was involved in yLead (formerly known as AYDA), running camps & conferences which fostered Leadership skills in young people and empowered the generation to make a positive impact to their society & world. This lead him to travel to USA as an Australian Ambassador for the 2006 World Scholar-Athlete Games Leadership Conference, in Rhode Island.

He also actively volunteers as a Youth leader at his local church, helping with the emotional & spiritual maturity and wellbeing of the youth. In addition, since 2006, he was a pioneering member of the Monash Young Persons Reference Group (MYPRG), which advocates for the voice of young people in his local city council, and engaging in projects that help foster stronger empowerment of young people and their community.


As a self-confessed "Born-again Dancer", Jeremy loves to dance. Starting as one who would make any excuse to avoid the Dance-floor in his early years, he was catapulted into the world of Dance, through his major artistic inspiration Michael Jackson. 

At first he enjoyed being a solo dancer, doing mainly RnB, Funk & Groove etc, however during his university years he began taking up Latin, Street Latin and Swing dancing on the side to build up his dance repertoire.
"I didn't just want to be one of those solo dancers that crumbled when it comes to dancing with a partner; I wanted to be able to confidently go ask a girl to dance and take her for a real spin!" He now finds another creative outlet of expression: through dancing.​​​​


Jeremy also cultivated a strong desire & passion for the performing arts musical theatre
. "I highly respect anyone that is able to sing, dance, act and get it all right in one go, every single show, 6 nights a week." 
This respect also extends to the lighting crew, costume designers, set designers, backstage operations, sound technicians etc."It's all one absolutely amazing conglomeration of skill & craft all around you". 

Naturally, Jeremy got involved in playing voluntarily for many community productions in the orchestra pit in shows such as: "Anything Goes", "Beauty & the Beast", "The Wiz" and "West Side Story", just to name a few. Jeremy continues to be a long-time passionate supporter of musical theatre and boasts having "done his bit" in London's West End, New York City's Broadway and Melbourne's Circuit.​​​

"Life is for Living, not Existing"

eremy is a card-carrying born-again Christian. And he never hesitates to declare that it is his faith and love for God that has helped him love others that way he believes God loves. Driven by these personal convictions since becoming a Christian in 2004, Jeremy has outspokenly committed to make a positive & everlasting impact on his world, no matter how big or small; advocating for issues & campaigns on both local & international scale.

His involvement with numerous organisations, including Amnesty International, CBMI, Samaritan's Purse, World Vision, Melbourne City Mission and Berry Street has not only taught & revealed so much of the "real world situations" to him, but inspires him more and more each day to l
ive as someone that has the opportunity to help "change the World by changing a Person's world"one at a time. Inspired by his work with yLead, he lives by an ethos of "Leadership is any action you take that makes the world you touch, a better place". 

Jeremy is always keen to help others seek the Truth in their life, find their identity in God (if they choose) and help them make the most of their life, free from the shackles that we and society place on ourselves."When you have no goals or dreams, you merely exist. When you have a goal and something to strive for, you start Living!"It is Jeremy's hope to continually use the passions that God has given him to help inspire others to pursue & fulfil their own passions & goals. ​​​​