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Jeremy began taking photos at a very young age, using his dad's mechanical SLR camera at every opportunity he could. Soon the digital revolution of cameras came and he jumped onboard, obtaining his first Nikon Coolpix in 2003. He began with photographic journey to Central Australia, documenting Kakadu National Park, Katherine, Uluru and much more, which lead to an appreciation of landscape photography.

Throughout his university years, he quickly established himself as being the party-photographer, taking happy-snaps and capturing the candid & quirky at every social event. Having been inspired by a few of his friends using digital SLRs, Jeremy eventually invested in buying his first one in 2008. It was love at first snap.

With his first SLR, Jeremy took to Europe to study and photo-journal his experience, also establishing himself amongst his peers as the "photographer". People, parties & places were his photo-playground.

Soon he began investing in better equipment, doing the odd pro-bono photo job for community groups and events, and being a secondary photographer at weddings. His passion for weddings and capturing candid, beautiful moments flourished as time went on. 

His destiny was cemented in photography when a close friend ended up publishing their wedding album using mostly his photos rather than those of the primary, professional photographer. They enjoyed the nature of his candid shots as well as his compositional arrangements, and encouraged him to develop his photography skills. He continued to build up on this motivation and shoot more weddings and private functions.

Whilst many photographers have a deeper and philosophical approach to their craft of photography, Jeremy simply wants to capture something that makes the viewer smile and lifts their spirits. “I want people to smile when they look at my photos, and that's the most important thing!”

“I want people to smile when they look at my photos, and that’s the most important thing!”
In 2012 Jeremy took on the high seas with his new job as professional musician onboard the Cruise-ships. He quickly established his freelance photography work, doing photoshoots for fellow crew members and fly-on performers, comedians & magicians; building up his portfolio in head-shots, portraits and live event shooting. Knowledge of his photography business grew rapidly and work was coming in more than he could comprehend.

A highlight of his work onboard was being commissioned by Magician Jason Byrne to shoot the “Destination Unknown” Magic show, directed by Las Vegas producers Kevin & Caruso. Jeremy was given permission to photograph the entire show, which is protected by international copyright law. This was a great privilege for him, and a huge learning experience; having to shoot such a challenging show of lights, smoke, fast action and various other elements that would keep a photographer on their feet the whole time.

Jeremy's love for capturing the candid won him the 2011 "People's Category" Photo Award for the annual Melbourne Sinulog Philippino Festival. Then in 2012 his work featured in the Carnival Cruiselines annual Seaview Magazine Photo Contest with an honorable mention award, also in the "People" Category. ​​
In 2014 Jamsta Photography had the extreme delight in volunteering to be a part of celebrating the 2nd Anniversary of the Carnival Service Values onboard the Carnival Valor, presenting to the ship a 231-piece Photo Montage, that capture the essence of the crew-members in their working environment. In 2015 Jamsta Photography received the very special honour of being commissioned to photograph the entertainment onboard the Carnival Breeze, as part of their new marketing & branding initiative. Having mostly done local weddings and private clientele, this was its step into the international corporate sector.

​​Jeremy continues to invest time self-teaching and researching the field & elements of photography, as well as expanding & upgrading his equipment. When he’s on land, he continues to work as a freelance photographer, doing TFP (Trade for Print) jobs as well as any other work that comes his way. He continues to take inspiration from fellow peers & friends in photography and trying to be innovative in the execution of his work.

Most importantly, he strives to keep it fun and enjoyable!​​​

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